Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stupid water

So, the other day I was having some cramping and such so I called my dr who of course was not there cuz it was after hours. A nurse called me back and her first question was "how much have you had to drink?" I replied with 3 bottles of water. She almost laughed (!) and said "oh honey you are not drinking nearly enough. You should be drinking a gallon of water a day" So, here I am today, 1/2 way there and let me just say I hate water!!! I don't really drink alot period though. I'll have part of a can of soda and maybe some water on a regular basis. Maybe I should come up with an IV that you can do at home by yourself so I don't have to drink it, it'll just end up in my body. You think?

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Catherine said...

hm, i don't really like drinking water but you know what i like? vitamin water. its kind of flavored but it doesn't have that aspartame/fake sugar taste. i like the red flavor (power C or something) and the pink one. ;-)