Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paige Avery born August 13, 2010

I had a midwife appt on Thursday August 12. NST looked good, u/s looked good. I was dialted to 3 and had her sweep my membranes. After that I was pretty crampy and having contractions, but nothing consistent ant timeable. Since my mom was going to fly in to be here to stay with Jacob and we knew that it really wasn't going to be much longer we just decided for her to fly in that day. She arrived around 7:30 that evening.

Around 3:30am the morning of the 13th I woke up having some somewhat intense contractions. The progressed and I timed them at about 7-10 minutes apart. At 5am I got out of bed and called Felissa. Told her that they were pretty consistent and that I was having to breathe through them as they were painful. It's funny because I told her that I was pretty sure it was going to be today, but not anything within the next couple hours.

I tried to lie back down but that wasn't working so I just got up. After putting around the house they really started to pick up quickly and I was starting to need to be vocal through them. I called the midwife on duty and said that I was wanting to head into the hospital so that I wouldn't scare Jacob while I was working through the contractions. We talked about how I was feeling, she asked if I was feeling pressure and I said no. She said it sounded like I still had time, but I could head in if I wanted to and that I should call Felissa and have her come over.

I called Lissa and she said that she was going to head on over and for me to get into the shower to help with the contractions. By this time they were pretty intense!! I stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out. I remember thinking that God I hope Lissa got there soon so she could help me through these.

She did, and by this time I was dressed and sitting on my knees on the floor leaning over the couch. I was nauseas and just feeling yucky. Mom got Jacob dressed and headed out so he wouldn't be scared. Lissa timed my contractions and they were about 3 minutes apart so we left for the hospital.

thank God because just as we were turning onto the side street to get to the woman's section I had a big contraction and felt pressure. It was intense!! Mike dropped me off and Lissa met me in the hallway. In the elevator I had another one with pressure. I got to the counter and signed it; it was 7:17 am.

They got me into the room where right away I had another one. I was gripping the counter swaying and feeling such intense pressure. I said that I needed them to check me because I was feeling the urge to push. I stripped my pants off and lied down on my left side on the bed. Nurse checked me and I was at 9 already!!!

My midwife Bethany got there within just a minute or two, or at least felt that way for me! She checked me again and I was complete. She said that she was going to break my water so we could deliver within the next 1-2 contractions.

After just a couple contractions she started crowning. Looking back now it's hard to remember the pain, but I know it was there I remember her saying that I just needed to push through the pain. I was gripping the side of the bed. They wanted me to hold my leg but holding onto the bed felt much better. I got to feel her head crowning with my hand. 

I remember at one point Bethany asked Mike if he had his camera and to get it out. He said he left it in the car and should he go get it. She said no that he would miss it if he went.

Not much longer and she was out!! I think with maybe 3 contractions. It felt wonderful to have her out! They put her on my chest and let me look to see boy or girl; once I saw I said "oh it's a girl!! I knew you were a girl the whole time!"

Such an intense feeling and now it was over!! I was tired but I felt good. Just a small tear along where I had my episiotomy with Jacob, such a small tear that she didn't even have to stitch it.

She nursed right away, for almost an hour!! She's doing great nursing. She does have a little mucous in her tummy so she's sleeping in the nursery right now so that they could watch her to make sure she didn't choke on it. 

Her stats were: born at 7:39am; 8 lbs and 20" long.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Holy Night

Photo Christmas cards are the in thing now and have been for the last couple years. It is always hard to decide which one is your favorite and fits your holiday picture. I have found mine for this year, my favorite card!!!
Isn't it gorgeous!! The kids would look so cute on there!!! I love how it's black and white, that'll draw more attention to the kids in their pajamas.

I love this one too . Love how it has a glittery look to it without the mess lol. Because a mom needs more to clean up right?!!

This one would match the kids' pajamas almost perfectly, it's so hard for me to choose which one to use!!

They have hundreds to choose from, which is good. There's one to fit everyones style. See for yourself here

For a couple years now we've done photo calendars for the grandparents. They love receiving them and getting to see a new pic of their gorgeous grandkids every month. I love using Shutterfly for my calendars as they have different choices, I can get my dad a desk calendar for his work and mom a wall calendar. The biggest part of why I love them is that you can personalize specific days. For my birthday for example I can put a picture of myself. Pretty cool!!

Shutterfly even offers invitations. These look so much better than those crappy ones you have to fill out by hand or even those ones that you do yourself at home in your printer. Those ones always come out crooked, at least they do for me!

Check out their site, there is something that will make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person. Shutterfly

too long

I am going to try to get better about updating more. Paige is here, born August 13th at 7:39am. It is an incredible story that I'll try to post today during nap time. Jacob loves his little sister so much and she adores him too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

almost 1 year

Wow, it's almost been 1 year since my last post. Time just gets away from you. It's not like anyone reads this probably anyway.

So let's see what's gone on since then.....
Mike got a job working down in San Jose
Jacob and I lived in Pollock Pines by ourselves until November when we moved down here and lived with Mike's friend
We are now living in grandma's duplex

Oh yeah, and I'm 8 months pregnant!!

Everyone knows that by know though lol. Baby's gender is a surprise, although Mike knows. He said it was one of the exciting parts of the pregnancy to him, so I "let" him find out on 1 condition, that he not tell anyone!!! And he hasn't so I'm proud of him. He hasn't let it slip to me by saying she/he either which is really good!!