Saturday, February 28, 2009

These shoes were made for walking

I went and bought Jacob his first pair of real shoes yesterday. I got him Stride Rite early walkers, for kids just learning how to walk. They have a sole, but it's not stiff like normal shoes, but it still has support. He's been walking on them today which is good, because he wouldn't yesterday! So I think he's starting to get used to them. I'll try to get some video tomorrow of him walking in his shoes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

crib training

It's been way past time to get Jacob to start sleeping in his crib. He used to after he got too big for the bassinett part of the play pen, but then we went to CA for a visit and man was it so much easier to have him in bed with me due to his nursing at night. So there is started, and we've been like that ever since.

Sunday was the first night he slept in his crib. I decided that I was going to do a modified version of CIO (cry it out), but I would stay in the room until he was asleep. So here's how the first night went:
nursed and rocked to sleep. continued to rock him until I knew he was out then transferred him to his crib. I turned on his Rainforest crib toy and told him is was ok, it was just time to go to sleep. Then I sat in the rocker. He cried for 15 minutes. The hardest part was when he was reaching out for me!!

Anyway, so after he cried for his 15 minutes, he sat down and watched his toy. Well, he fell asleep sitting up poor little guy!! I would try to lay him down when I knew he was out, but he would wake up and sit up again. So I just let him sleep sitting up.
About 10 Mike went in and was able to lay him down. I take Jacob into his room to start our process at about 7:45, I forgot to mention that part. Well, that first night, he slept through the night!!!! I was so shocked!! I didn't sleep very well but I was so happy! He didn't wake up until 7am!!

Night 2, much like night 1 except he only cried for like 1 minute!!!! And he laid himself down instead of falling asleep sitting up. He slept until 7am that night too!

Night 3, same as before; except he woke at 4:45, and I nursed him to sleep, put him in his crib, he cried, I stayed, he fell asleep, I went back to my room. Up for the day around 7.

Night 4, last night, much like night 3. So here we are on night 5, and someone did not want to go to sleep tonight!! But that's because he fought taking his morning nap so he took a long afternoon nap therefore not so tired at 7:45. But he's asleep now and all is well. Mom is tired herself tonight and is ready to go climb in her preheated bed.

walking fool!

Ever since Jacob took his first steps last week he's been doing a little more each day. Some days though, like the last couple, he hasn't taken very many. Well he's making up for it today!! He walked from the tv to the rocker earlier, which for him was probably at least 10 steps! He's really getting the hang of it today and wanting to walk and not crawl!! Yay Jacob!!

We had his 1 year appointment yesterday. He weighed 24 lbs 7 oz and was 30.5" long. Not bad, but I think they are off on his length.

For his birthday he received a gift card for Toys R Us. I found something that I knew he would like.

It's a fire engine ball pit! He loves balls so I knew he would like this. Although it seems right now all he really likes to do is throw the balls out. But hey, he's having fun!

He now knows 2 signs: milk and more. It's so cute to see him sign them! The next ones I am going to work on with him are please and hungry.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I forgot

I forgot to post the pics of him fingerpainting and eating his first cupcake!!

major update

Ok, so obviously I haven't update in a long time. It's because I haven't been home. I went down to the Bay Area for Jacob's party, and was planning on coming home just a couple days after that, once my grandma had her surgery.

The party went down without a hitch. We were fortunate to have lots of family and friends there to celebrate with us. Jacob had a great time. He got so many toys and clothes, he is such a fortunate boy! Here are some pics.

I made the cupcakes (devil's food and banana) and the monkey cake for Jacob's smash cake; which he did not end up smashing btw.

So my grandma had her surgery on the 3rd. She had to have a tumor removed that was on her spine hindering her walking and just her way of life. The surgery went great! We were worried that there would be some peralisis but the dr had a huge smile on his face when he came out to talk to us. They could already see the increased blood flow through her spine!
About a week after surgery she developed complications. She was suffering from septic shock, was had to be put on life support. It was so scary.
After many days in CCU she has now been transferred out of CCU and is now in the TCU, which is the transitional care unit. She should be transferred to the rehab center shortly so she can start recovering that way.

Our short trip ended up being 3 1/2 weeks! Yikes!! At least we were staying with family. Jacob loves playing with Cohen. They are so good together.

I think that's all that has been going on. There are alot more pictures from his party and such, check out facebook.