Monday, June 16, 2008

Swimming, high chairs and pouty lips

So, it's been really really hot here, triple digits. I've been wanting to take Jacob swimming for a couple weeks now but the water hasn't been warm enough. Well, after the past week of high temps it was finally warm enough! So Saturday Jacob and I went over to my mom's boyfriends house. I blew up the inflatable crab that my MIL bought, slathered Jacob in sunscreen, put on his hat and out we went. This was after spending an hour at Target trying to find a bathing suit that fit my newly shaped body.
Anyway, he had a blast!!! Absolutely loved it!!! He was leaning a little too forward in his crab, but that's because he can't sit up by himself yet. He was kicking his legs like crazy!!

Before we went swimming Sunday I ran out and got those arm floaties thingys. I blew half on one side up and stuck it in front of him so he wouldn't be leaning too far forward.

We've been using the bumbo seat to feed Jacob in. Well about 1/2 way through feeding he gets tired and starts slumping forward, making it hard to feed him. So I broke out the high chair. We registered for and got the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair. I love it!!! It straps perfectly to our tall chairs and I can sit down comfortably and feed him.

Jacob has this face he makes only when Daddy is holding him. It's the pouty lip!! I've been trying to get a picture of it since he started doing it, but man is it hard to get. I finally got some though!! It's so cute, lol!

My poor tortured boy!!


Catherine said...

That crabby floating thingy is so cute! I almost wish I had one...

Looks like things are going well for you and Jacob. Yay for cute babies!

Miss M! said...

DANG that's a cute child!

Jennifer said...

PLEASE don't use those water wings, they are sooo dangerous. So many kids drown wearing those.

Devon said...

I didn't put the water wing on him, I blew it up and placed it in front of him in the crab. You can see it in the pic at my dad's pool. I would never NEVER put my 4 1/2 month old baby in those and expect him to swim. You should know me better than that.

cheryl said...

You're a great mommy Devon, I got what you were saying.

Great pics!