Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scary Santa

We took Jacob to the mall on Saturday to get his picture taken with Santa. Man oh man he was freaky. I'm talking this is the scariest Santa I've ever seen. Don't believe me, see for yourself!!

I told the lady that I wasn't happy with this Santa, he didn't look authentic to me, so I wasn't going to buy a picture. She was totally understanding and told us there would be a different Santa later. So we walked the mall and just took our time. When we walked back by Santa the new one was there, he was much better!! Jacob still cried but this time the picture was good. I'll have to scan it as we didn't take any ourselves.

Bo was terrified of Santa! He didn't want anything to do with him. I'm sure we'll go through that in a couple years.

Jacob had a great 1st Thanksgiving. He ate turkey, mashed potatoes, squash and cranberries. I'm surprised he didn't eat more than he did.


Krista QQ said...

I wish you happy every day!

Miss M! said...

Inauthentic is right. Is that a SKINNY Santa???

I can't wait to see the good picture.