Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long time

Been lazy. Not much to update on though. Jacob is doing great!! Vocabulary is up to about 10 words; let's see how many I can remember.

Hi (especially when the phone rings lol!)
bye bye
tow truck (although I'm the only one who can understand that's what he's saying when he's saying it)

He's growing wonderfully! Sleeping in his crib every night. I've figured out that if he ony takes 1 nap during the day that he sleeps better at night, so I've been trying to do that more and more. Working out pretty well.

Here are some recent pics of him.

Mmm pickle

the "cats" he saw the other night (he kept saying cat cat cat so I finally looked to see what he was talking about)

He got in, but couldn't get out by himself

He also got his first real haircut before we went to Arizona to see my dad

This is the plate I made for his birthday. His handprint is at the top of the trunk, it's supposed to be the leaves of the tree, but the color selection at Color Me Mine sucks. The monkeys are the thumbprints of the kids that attended.

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Miss M! said...

Tow truck. I love it!