Friday, February 18, 2011

week of 2/18 - 2/25

Ok, here we go!! Here is how I come up with my meal plans; I first look through the grocery ads and see if there is anything on sale for a super good price. I don't pay more than $1.99/lb for meats. When I see things like chicken breasts and boneless/skinless (b/s) thighs on sale I usually stock up. Things like that usually go on sale every 3 weeks or so.
Once I find (or don't find) what's on sale I hit up my bookmarked blogs to see if there are any new recipes from them. If nothing catches my eye I go to foodgawker and see what's on there that looks good. Foodgawker is a site that people can share their blogs on for recipes. Many of the blogs I follow have come from there.
Here's what my meal plan looks like for this week:

sausage soup (recipe follows)
crockpot london broil - tasty kitchen
fish (frozen already marinated from store), broccoli & rice
hamburger - pioneer woman cooks
roasted chicken w/ Brussels sprouts (recipe to come)
steak w/ onions - tasty kitchen (I may or may not make the potato recipe listed there)
roasted sausage cacciatore - tasty kitchen 

Leftovers from the chicken will be used some way, and I'll use the bones to make chicken stock. I usually try to space out the meats, as to not have the same meat 2 nights in a row but sometimes it's inevitable. Please feel free to tweak any recipe to your liking.

Thanks for looking! I'm excited to start this and hope it helps people out!

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Catherine said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to this b/c I am still horrible at planning for meals. I can do it for 1 or 2 wks tops but inevitably end up running to the store every other day!

PS Can't wait to hear updates on the kids too!