Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One word...

BEDREST. Yup, that's right, I've been put on bedrest. Monday night I was feeling a little off, had some back pain and some cramping. So finally decided hey, let's go just get checked just in case. So sure enough I'm having contractions. Cervix was closed which is good, and the contractions weren't regular which is another good sign. Around 12:30 am or so the moved me over from labor and delivery triage to a labor and delivery room. The gave me 3 shots of terbutaline (not at the same time!) while I was in triage then gave me another once in the room. Terbutaline is supposed to stop the contractions. Well, 4 shots later it wasn't working still. So they decideed to give me an IV of magnesium. It supposedly has really bad side effects but luckily I didn't get the joy of experiencing any. So, I barely slept that night, I was so uncomfortable in their bed, and I coiuldn't lay on either side becuase they had me hooked up to the monitors for Jacob's heartrate and one for my contractions. Also Mike stayed and he was snoring like crazy!!
So anyway, they gave me an oral dose of terbuatline around 1pm and then I was discharged around 2:30pm. I was able to come home finally! Yeah, my own bed!
Well, we ended up going back around 6:30 or so last night because I was having chest constraints. It hurt so bad I wanted to cry. The contractions didn't even hurt as bad as this. So, they checked my stats and everything was ok, so they sent me home. We were only there for about 45 mins to and hour which isn't bad. I just have to take the terbutaline every 6 hours instead of every 4. Oh yeah, I left that part out. I will be on oral terbutaline every 6 hours for the next 2 weeks!!!
I had a regular dr appointment scheduled today and he said he would really like me to make it to 37 weeks but he would take 36. So, 36 weeks is next week!!! Crazy huh! But more than likely we're looking at 37 weeks which will be Jan 2nd. At that point I won't have to take the terbutaline anymore and we'll let nature take it's course.

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Catherine said...

Eeek! Well maybe you will start the new year with a new baby! Did you decide for Jacob on the name? That is really weird because my bf's cousin also had a boy in Oct and his name is Jacob. :-P