Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No baby yet

He's not here yet. Yesterday was my last day of the meds and the last day of bedrest. So if I go into labor then we'll do nothing to stop it which is fine. I'm still a fingertip dialated and 70% effaced like I was last week. Hopefully I'll start having some contractions and get things moving along here. I know he's dropped, I swear he's lower than he was last week which I didn't think could happen but man is he low!! At least he feels that way! I'll have Mike take a picture later so I can post a comparison.
The nursery is finished, all his clothes are washed, we have everything we need for him and the carseat is installed. So now we just need him to get here!! Anytime Jacob!!! Mommy and Daddy are anxious to meet you!!
Also this week I talked with my mom and my dad and told them their boyfriend and girlfriend are not to be at the hospital. It's not respectful to my dad for my mom's boyfriend to be there and vise versa. Mom and Dad won't be in the room while I'm delivering but can be in while I'm in labor. I only want Mike there as this will be a good bonding experience for him and I. No problem with people that have all their family in the room while their baby is born, but not my thing!!

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Catherine said...

Let's get a pic of the nursery!!

I wish you a safe and speedy delivery. Come on baby!