Tuesday, April 15, 2008

pictures and pink eye

Yup, I have pink eye. Again. I just had it 3 weeks ago and apparently it didn't go away fully and it came back plus now I have like 8 sty's on the same eye that is infected with pink eye. It's really bad too. I went to the dr today and they gave me 2 different eye drops.
Anyway, I wanted to post some newish pictures of Jacob.I just put together his Rainforest Jumperoo and although he's still too small we just put a box under his feet. He's not jumping yet but he does move his feet around. He's getting so big! I can't wait to go out to California in May so he can meet everyone.

And finally some father son love.

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Miss M! said...

BLAH, you poor thing! I've never had pink eye before (better knock on wood). It makes me think of Cartman on South Park, hee hee!

Feel better.