Sunday, April 13, 2008

rollie pollie

So it's Sunday. Jacob is crashed out in his swing, yet here I sit on the darn computer. I should be cleaning the house. Mike is out getting things to finish working on the shower in the master bath. We should be able to finish it up soon, thank God. It's been almost a year!
I just set up Jacob's Rainforest Jumperoo today. We'll have to put a box under his feet but I can't wait to see how he likes it.
Oh, he rolled over yesterday!!! I had him on his tummy time mat and was on the phone with my mom. I had noticed for the past week or so that he was getting close to rolling. And yesterday all of a sudden he did! I was so excited!! I put him back on his tummy where he just cried. Little stinker wouldn't do it again so I could get video. I'll get it though and I'll make sure I post it when I do.

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