Friday, August 1, 2008

hurt heart & bananas

Ugh I'm sitting here wondering what to call this post. Many of you know I belong to an online mommy website. I belong to a playroom where all the mom's have babies born in Jan 08. Yesterday there was a topic started about spanking, and whether or not we would spank our children.

I replied with I wasn't 100% sure, but am leaning more towards no. Not 100% no, there are probably going to be times where he needs a pat on the butt, but there will be other things done first before a spanking.

In the topic 2 ladies stated things that make me angry and quite sad. One said that she "spanked" her 7 month old because she was trying to clean her after feeding and the baby wouldn't cooperate, she was screaming and yelling and stiffening up. So she smacked her on the leg.
The second lady told us that her husband was feeding their son and when he got food in his mouth he blew raspberries. Her husband "popped" the boy in his mouth.
I am just in awe. These are helpless little babies who are doing what babies do! Babies don't like to have their faces cleaned, they squirm and move and wiggle. Babies blow raspberries, it's part of their motor skills!!!

Both parents said that their babies learned though because they haven't done this behaivor again. Like that justifies what was done.
You may not agree with my feelings on this, and that's ok. These are my feelings and thoughts.

On to happier thoughts, Jacob had bananas this morning! He really wasn't too sure about them. I'm gonna try again tomorrow. I think maybe it wasn't ripe enough yet, so I'll keep trying!

Hmm, what's this?

I don't know if I like this mom!

Oh I really don't!!


Miss M! said...

Bananas are GROSS! LOL!

Now, I won't say I'm completely against spanking, but I don't think it's okay to "pop" anyone in the mouth. You wouldn't do it to an adult, why is it okay to do it to a baby?

We had the same debate on my mommy board, and there were a few women on there who felt that was okay. These were the same women who thought homophobic comments were funny and lived in their parent's basements, and had a grip of kids but no educations or jobs, so I guess you can take it for what it's worth...

Jennifer said...

I would personally get their addresses and call the cops on them. I have to ask now, what mommy site do you belong to? The ones that I do, don't have people like that and if they did they would get flamed.

Zee said...

I personally am not appose to spanking, but it will be a last resort.

How hard is a pop? Is it an actual smack or a tap with a finger? Do I think it's right to pop a kid on the mouth...NO! Do I think it's right to yell and scream and smack a babies, but I have raised my voice at Asa and used a stern tone. And I have smacked his hands. Now by smack I mean pretty much just a tap and this is after saying no and trying to divert him and him repeatedly returning to the same behavior. For the most part a simple no works and when he is defiant I know he's sleepy.

There is a huge difference between spanking and beating but many people don't see it, they just assume it all to be abuse and I don't agree. Did these people leave red marks on their baby, if yes than I think that would be considered abuse. Asa knew at 4 months not to pull my hair because I would say "No" and "Gentle", sometimes giving his hand a pat, sometimes just pulling it away. It took about a week, but I spoke softly and sternly and he has never pulled my hair since! So should the authorities be called on me because I "hit" my child?

I just don't think that we need to immediately jump to the "call the cops" conclusion, however if I saw or heard of repeated behavior like this or things escalating then I DO believe it could be abuse.

And for the record and I never raise my voice because he does "baby things" like blowing raspberries with wood in his mouth. It is when he is doing something that could cause him harm or something damage.

Quite frankly many of those who are so anti spanking often have unruly children because of their fear or lack of ability to discipline. Not ALL, but quite a few. Look at the youth today, kids need good stern discipline! Unfortunately they are learning early that they aren't gunna get it and so they tun into holy terrors. And counting to 5 over and over again and then giving in is NOT discipline! LOL.