Wednesday, June 23, 2010

almost 1 year

Wow, it's almost been 1 year since my last post. Time just gets away from you. It's not like anyone reads this probably anyway.

So let's see what's gone on since then.....
Mike got a job working down in San Jose
Jacob and I lived in Pollock Pines by ourselves until November when we moved down here and lived with Mike's friend
We are now living in grandma's duplex

Oh yeah, and I'm 8 months pregnant!!

Everyone knows that by know though lol. Baby's gender is a surprise, although Mike knows. He said it was one of the exciting parts of the pregnancy to him, so I "let" him find out on 1 condition, that he not tell anyone!!! And he hasn't so I'm proud of him. He hasn't let it slip to me by saying she/he either which is really good!!

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Miss M! said...

I thought that maybe you forgot your blogger password!