Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Holy Night

Photo Christmas cards are the in thing now and have been for the last couple years. It is always hard to decide which one is your favorite and fits your holiday picture. I have found mine for this year, my favorite card!!!
Isn't it gorgeous!! The kids would look so cute on there!!! I love how it's black and white, that'll draw more attention to the kids in their pajamas.

I love this one too . Love how it has a glittery look to it without the mess lol. Because a mom needs more to clean up right?!!

This one would match the kids' pajamas almost perfectly, it's so hard for me to choose which one to use!!

They have hundreds to choose from, which is good. There's one to fit everyones style. See for yourself here

For a couple years now we've done photo calendars for the grandparents. They love receiving them and getting to see a new pic of their gorgeous grandkids every month. I love using Shutterfly for my calendars as they have different choices, I can get my dad a desk calendar for his work and mom a wall calendar. The biggest part of why I love them is that you can personalize specific days. For my birthday for example I can put a picture of myself. Pretty cool!!

Shutterfly even offers invitations. These look so much better than those crappy ones you have to fill out by hand or even those ones that you do yourself at home in your printer. Those ones always come out crooked, at least they do for me!

Check out their site, there is something that will make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person. Shutterfly

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