Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby things

Today Jacob and I had lunch with Sara! It was so nice to have lunch with an adult! LOL. While lunching I gave Jacob his sippy cup. These things are great! You can tip them upside down and they don't leak. That is unless your son chews on them. He had water all over the tray for the highchair!! I grabbed (nicely lol) the cup from him and looked at the spout, and noticed what was wrong. The spout has 3 slits in it making two pieces. The pieces are connected on both side. Well my son chewed one side off of each piece, opposite sides! And the sides that were left connected weren't too far from coming off either.
He hasn't had these cups for that long! They sell replacement spouts but like I said he hasn't had them long, one for only 1 month! I'm going to email the company and let them know what happened.
After lunch today I went over to Carter's to get some winter clothes for Jacob since we'll be living in the cold! There was one outfit that I had specifically seen at the Carter's in CA and also at Babies R Us here. I didn't see it anywhere in the store so I asked about it. The lady said she was pretty sure she knew what outfit I was talking about and pulled out their book. We found it, and she told me that it's only available at cold weather stores!! Of course living in Phoenix this isn't a cold weather store! I'm so bummed! It was a 3 piece outfit, a fleece vest and pants, and a long sleeved onesie. There were 3 different colors. I was so looking forward to buying him it. So I guess I'll just have to look when I get out to CA. They had it at BRU the other day, but they only had 1 and it was a 24 month not a 12 month.
Jacob is 7 1/2 months old now! I am amazed by him more and more every day. No crawling yet but he is getting more active. He can reach pretty far to get some toys and sit himself back up without falling over. When he does fall over he falls forward so then he ends up on his tummy. From that position he can move himself all around in circles, and usually ends up flipping himself over.
I've been keeping busy packing and decluttering. My mom has been coming over for a couple hours every day to play with Jacob that way I can get packing done. There is still so much to do! We are planning on having a garage sale next Friday and Saturday. Hope we sell lots!!

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Catherine said...

That is so bummer about the little outfit for Jacob! He is going to look so cute bundled up in winter clothes. :-P And speaking of clothes, what is he going to be for Halloween?? His first Halloween! I'm going to vote for lobster. ;-)

So when will the big move back to CA be? Before the holidays?