Saturday, February 28, 2009

These shoes were made for walking


I went and bought Jacob his first pair of real shoes yesterday. I got him Stride Rite early walkers, for kids just learning how to walk. They have a sole, but it's not stiff like normal shoes, but it still has support. He's been walking on them today which is good, because he wouldn't yesterday! So I think he's starting to get used to them. I'll try to get some video tomorrow of him walking in his shoes.


Miss M! said...

How cute! I looooove me some baby shoes.

DeeDee said...

OMG I miss you guys sooo much! He's so adorable. Look at him walk! I remember Bo learning to walk. Good

Jeff B. said...

Alright Jacob! You'll find chasing the dog much more satisfying on two feet!

Zee said...

Aaahhhh, look at him go! and I love the brrrrr sound effects he makes in the second video, too cute. :)

can't wait to see you guys again.