Thursday, February 26, 2009

walking fool!

Ever since Jacob took his first steps last week he's been doing a little more each day. Some days though, like the last couple, he hasn't taken very many. Well he's making up for it today!! He walked from the tv to the rocker earlier, which for him was probably at least 10 steps! He's really getting the hang of it today and wanting to walk and not crawl!! Yay Jacob!!

We had his 1 year appointment yesterday. He weighed 24 lbs 7 oz and was 30.5" long. Not bad, but I think they are off on his length.

For his birthday he received a gift card for Toys R Us. I found something that I knew he would like.

It's a fire engine ball pit! He loves balls so I knew he would like this. Although it seems right now all he really likes to do is throw the balls out. But hey, he's having fun!

He now knows 2 signs: milk and more. It's so cute to see him sign them! The next ones I am going to work on with him are please and hungry.


Miss M! said...

That's so cool that he's signing. When did you start?

Devon said...

I started signing milk to him awhile ago, and he picked it up fairly quickly, by Christmas he had it down. Then I started signing more, and just in the last week or so he's picked that up.